Galactic Grooves - a Solar Smash Hit!

Simon Anderson / 16 October 2023
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We recently attended a show that was out of this world! Created by the incredibly talented crew at the Smoky Mirror Arts Company(SMAC), Galactic Grooves was a show filled with dance numbers and costumes that were simply stellar, Interstellar! The Rose Theatre on Auckland’s North Shore was the perfect intimate venue for the show, providing a safe environment for the performers that seemed to thrive off the interactive and enthusiastic crowd.

Galactic Grooves tells a story about a spaceship filled with a crew of aliens who love any excuse for a dance party. The original storyline and choreography featured beautiful and fun numbers across the dancing spectrum. There was energetic party routines, tap dancing, ballet and amazing solo dances. Every part of the show designed and influenced by the crew of performers that make up the Smoky Mirror Arts Company.

Full SMAC crew posing for the show finale

It was clear from the constant crowd reaction, that the whole audience had a blast. The Manawanui team and I certainly loved it and found ourselves clapping along to each of the upbeat numbers or getting swept up into the softer ballet and partner routines.

It’s hard to single out some of the performers but it is worth mentioning a few of the highlights. Lilly May was a star throughout the show, but she had the chance to shine on her own. She showed grace and style as she commanded the stage in a solo contemporary routine. Callum was another joy-filled face seen in many of the dance numbers, however the audience filled with joy as the tap dance duo of Callum and Josh wowed us with their footwork. It would be rude to not acknowledge the queen of the alien dancers and queen in every respect of the word, Michael. The outfit deserving of a queen had its moments but the dancing seen made it clear why they were royalty.

It’s clear that SMAC have a formula to create a unique show that leaves the audience beaming. But the most important part is the environment it’s created for the performers. SMAC is specifically designed to provide a safe place where people who may identify as disabled, neurodiverse, queer and anyone else who loves the performing arts, can create and perform shows that truly represent the inclusive community values of SMAC.

Full SMAC Crew poster

I could rattle off all of the amazing, wonderful and brilliant moments of the show but I need to leave something for you to see for yourself. The current runnning of Galactic Grooves has ended for now but words were said about another run of shows in 2024, so you do not want to miss out next time!

Saturday night the crew recognised the important people who make up the SMAC group, most notably the chief architect and founder of the group Louise Wilkie. She created the group from an idea and it’s a testament to her character to witness the show that was Galactic Grooves. If SMAC put on another show, I can only encourage you with every part of my heart for you to see it too.