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Payments made easy - improved service

Manawanui Team / 15 October 2021
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We make it easy ko te whainga matua, me ngawari.

Making things easy for our customers is really close to our hearts. And paying people, with the hassles of bank transfers is one thing we thought we could do better.

Would you like to cut out some of the admin you have to do with your funding?

If you answered yes, then Third Party Payments is a great service just for you.

Designed to make payments easy, Third Party Payments is a part of your Expense Claims that allows you to load invoices for approved Providers and then Manawanui will use your funding to pay them directly. This means you do not need to receive the reimbursement to your account and then have to pay the Provider yourself, cutting out all the hassle involved with handling money. It is a faster, easier way to ensure your services are paid for.

All currently approved Providers are loaded into the Portal. If there is a Provider you wish to use that isn’t in the Portal, you can send a request to Manawanui through the Portal. For a business to be paid directly through this new payment method, they be a GST registered business. Our Finance team responsible for managing these payments are also responsible for assessing which businesses fit the guidelines to be paid directly.

This means if you cannot see the business you would like to pay directly already loaded in the Portal, you can submit a request through the Portal.

If you’d like to give Third Party Payments a try, contact our friendly Customer Experience Centre team and ask them to enable TPP for your account.

After using this service, if you have any feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear them so we can improve our service.