Due to recent and ongoing funding changes by Whaikaha, some statements on this site may currently be out of date. Our team can clarify any queries.

Individualised Funding Respite

Often coupled with Individualised Funding(IF), IF Respite is allocated for the purpose of allowing support staff to take a break from their responsibilities by taking time out to help you feel rested and re-energised.

Respite can come in many forms and can be a break away from home, or what some people now call a ‘staycation’. Respite can even be a specific purchase that supports you to have a break.

Respite Funding is allocated by your NASC (Find your NASC), Manawanui can host your Respite and support you to continue to support your disabled loved ones with the care and energy they deserve.

If you’re looking for options or ideas on how to use your Respite effectively, we have a supportive team ready to listen to your needs and enable you to design Respite options that fit your life.

IF Respite vs Carer Support Subsidy

Many people begin their funding journey receiving the Carer Support Subsidy to help assist with Respite costs, what many miss out on is that IF Respite can be allocated instead, which allows a much more flexible use of funding.

We have a handy short animated video which helps explain how IF Respite compares to Carer Support. If you want to talk to use about transferring Carer Support to IF Respite, get in touch with us today.

Individualised Funding

“Really glad I changed to Manawanui - I have more freedom of choice of how the money is spent than before”

IF Respite Fact Sheet

For detailed information and some Frequently Asked Questions, download this fact sheet all about IF Respite

Download here