Due to recent and ongoing funding changes by Whaikaha, some statements on this site may currently be out of date. Our team can clarify any queries.

Individualised Funding

Manawanui is New Zealand’s expert in supporting people with self-directed disability funding options and the leading host provider of Individualised Funding (IF).

If you have government funding for disability support, and want choice, flexibility and control over how you use your funding and who provides your support, then it is likely you will want to take a look at Individualised Funding.

Are you starting your journey of considering IF?

We encourage you to talk to our experienced team at Manawanui, and your local Needs Assessment and Service Coordination organisation (NASC). Or start by taking a look at some of the resources we have available:

1. Take our Self-Direction Quiz to find out more.  
2. Download an introduction leaflet. Click on your language to view.  English | Maori | Korean | Samoan | Tongan | Simplified Chinese
3. Visit Frequently Asked Questions about what Funding can, and can’t, be used for. 

Individualised Funding (IF)

With IF, you are allocated support hours which are then calculated to an annual budget. You choose how you spend it, and the people you employ to support you. Our team can help you develop a service plan which fits your needs.

These are the different IF programmes currently operating in New Zealand. Manawanui has many customers with each programme.

Resources to Download

What is Individualised Funding
Managing Funding Made Easy

Individualised Funding

“Really glad I changed to Manawanui - I have more freedom of choice of how the money is spent than before”

Enhanced Individualised Funding (EIF)

This is a programme available in the Bay of Plenty region. EIF takes the idea of personalised budgets one step further and means you can choose to spend your disability supports to achieve your goals rather than just being restricted to specific services.

Enabling Good Lives (EGL)

Enabling Good Lives is also a funding programme that allows people to purchase goods, as well as services to help them pursue their goals. EGL is currently available through three regional programmes :

Enabling Good Lives Christchurch

For more information visit the EGL Christchurch website

Enabling Good Lives Waikato

For more information visit the EGL Waikato website

Enabling Good Lives Mid Central – Mana Whaikaha

For more information visit the ManaWhaikaha website