Due to recent and ongoing funding changes by Whaikaha, some statements on this site may currently be out of date. Our team can clarify any queries.

Fund for Good

Manawanui’s Fund for Good is an innovation programme which awards grants to help fund big ideas that cannot be funded through Individualised Funding or other funding sources.

It’s all about self-direction and is one of the ways that Manawanui, as a social enterprise, reinvests profits into initiatives that give customers choice and control about how they live. In previous years our grants supported business entrepreneurs, Special Olympics participation, getting a book published, building a greenhouse, song writing and even chickens! Each big idea met the criteria to enhance self-direction and independence.

Fund For Good 2023 is now open!

Fund for Good is now open for 2023! We are now accepting applications from all Manawanui customers for their ideas to go beyond great! Check out all the information you need below about the Fund For Good, make sure that your application contains all of the required criteria for it to be eligible for selection.

Meet our 2022 winners

Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2022 round of Fund for Good. All the winners were announced live on our Facebook page by our CEO Marsha Marshall and Simon. We look forward to catching up with them in the future as they use their funding to achieve their goals.

How do I apply?

Applications can come in any format that suits you, it could be a video, powerpoint, word document or even just a simple letter. All applications must be submitted via email to fundforgood@manawanui.org.nz before the cutoff date of midnight Tuesday 10th October.

If you need help structuring your application, you can download this form and fill out it as your application to the Fund For Good

Download FFG Application Template

Who can apply?

Fund for Good is open to Manawanui customers and agents who have a big idea that doesn’t qualify for funding from anywhere else. Agents can apply on behalf of the person they support or for themselves. If you are an agent for more than one person, you may submit one application per person, per round.

What can the grant be used for?

There are no strict limitations. We are innovators who like to push the boundaries and we encourage you to do the same. Just remember that it needs to be something that IF or other funding sources do not cover.

Some examples are:

  • Education, tuition (including support cost)
  • Taking part in sporting events or training
  • Buying technology
  • Starting or progressing a business idea
  • A research project
  • Leadership development

Application criteria

  • You can only be granted funding once every three years
  • You can apply for either full or partial funding towards your project
  • You can’t fund your idea through your Individualised Funding
  • There must be no other options for sponsorship
  • Your application goal enhances self-direction
  • You can demonstrate there are long term benefits from your idea
  • You must describe your project, the budget needed and the outcomes you expect
  • It promotes an inclusive approach
  • Successful applicants must be willing to allow Manawanui to use their details for positive publicity and sharing of stories. Successful applicants must be willing to report on outcomes
  • You may submit one application per person, per funding round/year

How to Structure your Application?

You can submit your application in any format that works for you. But to ensure your application covers off all of the key assessment criteria, this structure may help guide your application.

  1. Define in as much detail what your application is, provide an itemized list if your application involves purchasing specific things or services

  2. Provide a cost breakdown for your application which clearly shows where the funds are going and what each component is worth.

  3. Explain how the application will lead to greater Self-Direction/Independence and what long-term benefits will be a result of the application

  4. Provide a statement around any previous research which satisfies the criteria that your application isn't able to be funded anywhere else

How are funds awarded?

An independent panel reviews each application and is instructed to award funding to as many applicants as possible within the funding budget. If your application isn’t successful this time you can always re-apply next time funding is available.

What will be expected of me if I am successful?

In the event that your application is successful, you will be expected to report back to Manawanui on the outcomes of your sponsorship. By accepting the funding, you agree to allow Manawanui to profile you and your project for promotional purposes.

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