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Our partners

IIDL - International Initiative

A global network of organisations committed to fostering leadership within disability. IIDL runs Leadership Exchanges where people from all over the world come together to share how Self Direction and disability supports operate around the world. The IIDL community aims to put a declaration on Self Direction to Geneva!Visit the IIDL Homepage.

Citizen Network

Citizen Network is a global movement, formed to create a world where everyone matters – where everyone can be an equal citizen. Full of information, resources, articles and even a job space, Citizen Network is a space to share and help one another. Visit the Citizen Network Homepage

Ministry of Health DSS

The Disability funding arm of the Ministry of Health responsible for Individualised Funding and other Disability funding streams. NASC (Needs Assessments) and DIAS (Disability Information Advisory Services) are contracted by DSS to provide independent support for the disabled. This link contains contact details for your local NASC or DIAS. Visit the MOH DSS Homepage.

Autism NZ

Official organisation for the Autism community. Responsible for education, advocacy and some support services. Visit the AutismNZ Homepage.

Enabling Good Lives

Enabling Good Lives (EGL) is a partnership between the disability sector and government agencies aimed at long term transformation of how disabled people and families are supported to live everyday lives. This website includes a useful explanation of the 8 core principles of EGL and the regional trials that have helped inform the new Ministry of Disabled People. About enabling good lives.

Office for Disability Issues

Part of the Ministry of Social Development, ODI are the current focal point in government on disability issues. They support implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the New Zealand Disability Strategy. Visit the ODI Homepage.

Parent to Parent

An organisation established by family for families. Parent to Parent are a nationwide not-for-profit organisation of parents and professionals to support the families of babies, children, teens and adults with any type of disability or health impairment. Their 14 branches help families across New Zealand by informing, educating, inspiring and supporting them, as they navigate their way through experiences with disability. Visit Parent to Parent Hompage.

NASCA - Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination Association

The Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC) is often the first step in individualised finding, and NASCA are the national co-ordination body. Find out more about what NASC’s do, who your local NASC is and what to expect here. Visit NASCA Homepage.

Independent Living Charitable Trust

From generic mobility information through to walking stick testing and assistive technology advice, ILS can help you navigate the health and disability sector and access funding options. They offer brochures and information in a wide variety of languages, and sell a huge tried-and-tested range of daily living aids. Visit Independent Living Homepage.


Imagine Better delivers learning events designed around the needs and rights of disabled people. They also carry out research and evaluation that challenges disability inequality and inequitable life and wellbeing outcomes for disabled people. Visit ImagineBetter Homepage.


ImpactLab was created to empower funders and service providers to make informed decisions. ImpactLab believe it is critical to consider both the human stories and the hard facts that support them. By combining powerful analytics, the best scientific evidence, and qualitative data from clients about their communities, they can provide insights to help people do good, better. ImpactLab recently completed a GoodMeasure research study, quantifying the social benefit of Manawanui Individualised funding. Visit ImpactLab's Homepage.