Employer Protection Package – for peace of mind

Manawanui / 14 September 2023
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At Manawanui, we always try to make things easy – ko te whainga matua, me ngawari.

Making things easy for our customers is really close to our hearts, but we know it’s not always plain sailing being an employer. We recognised an Employer Protection Package would make things easy if things don’t go to plan with employees.

We also believe the freedom to choose the people you want to work with is a really important part of self-direction, but it brings the responsibilities that come with being an employer. At Manawanui, we want to support and help you navigate these responsibilities and any legal issues if they arise.

If you want a little more peace of mind, you may want to consider our Employer Protection Package which can help in the event of claims made by employees.

We’ve negotiated an affordable yet comprehensive QBE-backed Employer Protection Package available to all Manawanui customers with employees.

The Employer Protection Package can be purchased using your Individualised Funding and costs $210 each year. It includes:

Employer Liability Insurance to defend you against civil actions by employees alleging workplace illnesses or injuries not covered by ACC.

Employment Disputes Insurance to provide protection for personal grievance actions taken by employees and prospective employees as a result of unjustified dismissal, discrimination or other disadvantage.

It’s easy to get started.

This simple video explains it all: EPP Insurance - Professional Business Cover

Or simply contact our Customer Experience Centre to ask any questions. Free call: 0508 462 467 or email: cec@manawanui.org.nz

After using this service, if you have any feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear them so we can improve our service.