New beach wheels give greater freedom

Manawanui / 03 July 2022
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Alex is a happy and outgoing 9-year-old boy with Angelman Syndrome which means he is unable to walk long distances independently. This can be quite frustrating when you want to keep up with your brother and join in with family adventures outside. While Alex does use a wheelchair, it limits him to short trips to places with smooth flat surfaces.  

With the help of the Fund for Good, Alex now has a new all-terrain stroller that is able to travel over woodchips, gravel and grass. Meaning, Alex will be able to accompany his family on runs and bike rides – Alex loves to go fast!  

With the addition of beach wheels, Alex can enjoy the beach and even trek muddy fields to spectate Saturday sport right from the sideline. 

A big congratulations to Alex one of our successful Fund for Good recipients. Fund for Good is an innovation programme which helps to fund special projects and dreams of Manawanui customers.  

We can’t wait for Alex to have greater access to the community and be included in family outings without limitations. 


Quick fire questions 

  1. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? 

Alex's superpower would be to speak! People with Angelman Syndrome have minimal speech. Alex is non-verbal which makes him frustrated at times so I'm sure he would love people to be able to understand him. 

  1. What is the greatest benefit about being a Manawanui customer? 

Being a customer of manawanui allows Alex to go out into the community and do activities that he loves! Manawanui also gives us the chance to have a break to recharge from the 24/7 care that Alex requires. 

  1. How has Manawanui helped your day to day life? 

Manawanui allows us to employ someone to look after Alex after school which allows us to work. Without Manarwnui that would not be possible as there is no after-school care option suitable for Alex.