Innovative New bike takes Jezza off the beaten track

Manawanui / 05 December 2022
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Jeremy is a born adventurer and world traveler, having spent over twenty years guiding adventure tourists. From navigating spectacular rivers and canyons to adventuring in jungles and patrolling mountains – Jezza has done it all!

Jezza is most happy when he is at one with nature whether that be a river, the snow or the elements of the sky. From his experience working in these wild environments, Jezza believes your only limitation is yourself.

After a life changing canyoning accident in 2010, Jeremy was put in a coma for four weeks and underwent two years of rehabilitation. As a tetraplegic, Jezza has never let his disability take control and continuously pushes the limits.

Frustrated by the lack of opportunities and infrastructure for differently abled people in the adventure tourism industry, Jezza founded a business called Makingtrax

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MakingTrax educates adventure companies and assists them when designing and acquiring adaptive equipment to give operators and their clients confidence to enjoy their experience.

Jezza applied to Manawanui’s Fund for Good for an off-road mountain bike aka his ‘Mad Max Machine.’

Unable to explore the great tracks and trails around New Zealand using traditional means, Jezza researched and designed a bike that he could operate without the need for pedals or handlebars.  With a 72volt battery, MadMax Machine is powerful enough to create a G-force when you take off and has the stamina to cover the necessary outdoors distances for a true off-road experience.

Jezza loves adventure and his Mad Max Machine gives him the freedom to get out and explore and it’s a true embodiment of the Kiwi spirit of innovation.

A big congratulations to Jeremy, one of our successful Fund for Good recipients. Fund for Good is an innovation programme helping to fund special projects and dreams of Manawanui customers that can’t be funded elsewhere.

We are so pleased to be able to help Jezza get a custom-designed mountain bike and can’t wait to see what is in store for him!