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Payroll Services

What is the difference between Payroll and Self-Managing services?

Manawanui offers a comprehensive Payroll service to make it easy to manage the financial responsibilities of being an employer.
This service includes the management of PAYE (Pay As You Earn tax), ACC levies, KiwiSaver contributions, leave and the provision of employee payslips.
Payroll customers opt into, and pay for, this service. They submit timesheets for their employees, usually via the Customer Portal, but this can also be done via email.

Self-managing customers manage the payments to their employees themselves. Instead of submitting timesheets, self-managing customers submit expense claims to Manawanui for the expenses they have incurred. They usually do this via the Customer Portal although it can also be done via email, and is usually done fortnightly.

I’m new to Payroll. What do I need to do for my employees to get paid?

To get your employee paid, please enter all the relevant information into the Portal under the Employees & Payees tab.
All the relevant documents can be found in the Documents Tab when you have created the new employee record.
Alternatively, you can download the new employee forms and email the completed forms along with a bank verification to

A bank verification needs to include the account name, account number and your bank’s information – for example the top of a Statement or a screenshot of your banking app.

What is a Pay Cycle Calendar?

We have two Pay Cycles that fall on alternate weeks (P1 and P2) paid out on Wednesday nights.
The Pay Cycle calendar is available to download from the Customer Portal or we can sent it to you. You will also get a reminder email each pay period.
If you are unsure you can check with our Customer Experience Centre on 0508 462 427.

When are time sheets due?

Time sheets are due every fortnight on a Monday by 5pm. Please check your Pay Cycle Calendar, to see which fortnight your time sheets are due. You will also receive an email reminder two days prior to due date.

Click here to download a Time sheet Template

I sent in a time sheet - will I receive a confirmation?

You will receive an automatic email acknowledgement that we have received your email, for all documents sent to
If you are using the Customer Portal you can track your progress online.

I received a confirmation from Payroll - does this mean everything is okay?

The confirmation email is just an automated acknowledgement that we have received the information. At this point, nothing has been checked or processed. If we are not sure about something or require further information, the Customer Experience Centre (CEC) team will contact you.

I sent my time sheet, but I need to amend it – what should I do?

If you use the Customer Portal you can modify your claim or time sheet so long as you haven’t already verified it.
If you have already verified and submitted it, or you are not on the Portal, you can call our Customer Experience Centre (CEC) to make any changes.
We will make any adjustments to claims or time sheets that have already been paid, as soon as we are able to.

I sent my time sheet in late - will my employee be paid on time?

If you send your time sheet after the close of business on Monday, we cannot guarantee that your employee will be paid on time.
If you miss the deadline, where possible, the time sheet will be processed and paid on Thursday night or the next working day subject to availability of your IF funds.

Why doesn’t Manawanui email my employees’ payslips directly to them?

Your employees’ payslips are sent to you as the employer so you can review the wage details and address any mistakes or other issues. Your employees must address any questions about their wages to you rather than Manawanui. If you’re using the Customer Portal, you can invite your employees so they can submit their own time sheets (they will still need to be verified by you) and view their payslips.