Due to recent and ongoing funding changes by Whaikaha, some statements on this site may currently be out of date. Our team can clarify any queries.


These community meetings are perfect for people wishing to learn more about disability funding options and navigating the funding process.

We will explain what self-directed and individualised funding entails, how they differ from central funding, and the pros and cons of each.

We can also answer any questions you have on needs assessment, whether you qualify for funding, and any other considerations.

These meets are designed for:

  • People with disabilities and their families/whanau who are navigating fundings
  • People recently assessed by a NASC or DHB and now considering funding options
  • Anyone who supports people with disabilities such as community and church groups, schools and early learning centres
  • Anyone interested in how the health framework supports people with disabilities

The Meets are FREE and full of impartial information - and provide an opportunity to ask questions in a safe environment.

If there isn't a Manawanui Meets listed for your area, feel free to ring us with your queries on 0508 462 427- or email cec@manawanui.org.nz

Coming up

Taranaki Self Direction Workshop

Manawanui are hosting a workshop to support the wider disability community to understand Self Directed Funding and the wider disability support funding landscape. Self Directed Funding is about providing disabled people and the people closest to them with the most amount of choice and control with the funded support available to them. Come along and hear from the experts of Self Directed Funding as well as lived experience from current IF users. Tea, Coffee and kai will also be provided for attendees.

10AM - 2PM